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JannisZ, a 15-year-old German Fortnite player, has won the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational Europe. The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Invitational Reboot Round and Grand Finals wrapped up this weekend. Each competitor battled it out for their share of the $2,000,000 prize pool. The European FNCS started off the weekend, and the competition was fierce.

Representing Wave Esports, JannisZ had an incredible start to the tournament. On the first day of the competition, JannisZ earned himself five top-5 finishes in total. On the second day, he secured a victory royale and racked up even more top-5 matches. Heading into the third day, JannisZ had a 10-point lead above the competition. However, his competitors weren’t going to give up easily. David “aqua” Wang trailed close behind after managing a Victory Royale in the first game.

During the final round, JannisZ managed to secure his lead and finish the event on top. He finished with a total 254 points and $120,000 in prize winnings. Following in second place was Jaden “XL Wolfiez” Ashman with 234 points and $90,000. Aqua took home the third-place spot with 219 points and $70,000. After the event concluded, JannisZ took to Twitter celebrating his first-place win. He also took the time to tweet out thanks to his supporters.

JannisZ’s bright future

JannisZ’s victory is one for the record books. His young age, dedication, and experience are the ingredients for a successful competitive esports career. Fortnite caster Arten “Ballatw” Esa said to ESPN, “For a kid like him, all the sudden dominating out of duos FNCS with his 15-year-old partner Tayson, [JannisZ] is certainly somebody to watch in the future.” Furthermore, Ballatw joked that the young pro “still has to go to school tomorrow.”

JannisZ is living on cloud nine. Since his win, there’s been overwhelming support for the champion and Wave Esports. The player hasn’t spoken publicly on his plans, but we’re sure that this isn’t the last time JannisZ will make waves.

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