Everything you need to know about the games in Jackbox Party Pack 8
JackBox Party Pack 8

JackBox Party Pack 8 wants to prepare you for job interviews in the worst way

Five new games are coming to a party near you
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The Jackbox Party Pack 8 is bringing five new games to office parties and Zoom calls in October, including the ultimate way to poorly prepare for a job interview.

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Job Job, one of the new games, makes all contestants input different phrases and sentences that other contestants pick apart to answer generic job interview questions. The player who gets the most votes gets the fictional job and all the benefits that come with it.

All the games in Jackbox Party Pack 8

Job Job (3-10 players) is just one of the five games that comes in the newest edition of the party game collection. Here are all the other games:

  • Drawful Animate (3-10 players) — Players draw two images that are then played in an animated loop. The best, funniest and most-voted animation wins.

  • The Poll Mine (2-10 players) — You’re trapped in a cave with an evil witch. Two teams must answer questions and then figure out the way to escape based on ever-changing criteria. Sometimes the route will be based on the most popular answer; sometimes it’ll be the opposite.

  • The Wheel of Enormous Proportions (4-8 players) — A game of trivia where correct answers get you a slice of a spinning wheel. The more slices you get, the higher the chance the wheel stops on your name.

  • Weapons Drawn (4-8 players) — Everyone is a murderer and a detective in this game of social deduction. You can solve murders by looking for clues in other players’ drawings and commit murder yourself, although you’ll automatically leave a clue behind for other players to decipher.

When does the new JackBox mini-game collection come out?

Jackbox Party Pack 8 doesn’t have an exact release date just yet, but it is releasing in October. It’ll come to all the usual platforms including Steam, mobile, Nintendo Switch, consoles, Smart TVs and more.

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