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In case you hadn’t heard, famed comedic actor and Tenacious D frontman, Jack Black, has started his own games channel on YouTube called Jablinski Games. Subscriptions have soared since the channel’s debut around a month ago just crossing the 3.3 million threshold. Certainly, Jack Black’s likability and fame have possibly a smidge to do with that.

Now, you might be questioning: what kind of games are we talking about? Well, that’s still kind of up in the air. Jablinski Games has yet to really delve into hardcore modern games. What you will find on his first five videos are his trademark humor and entertaining personality. But if his recent video is any indication, it seems he is in need of technical assistance and a video capture card to move forward with the games we’re all waiting for.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore his channel. Quite the contrary, in fact. His first handful of videos are rather short and won’t take up much of your time. And, they’re hilarious! Black journeys to a pinball gallery, an arcade (who knew those still exist?), and he even plays some Pitfall on his mini Atari. Funny enough, he revealed that he was in the commercial for Pitfall when he was 13 years old back in ’82.

His other adventures involve taking his son to the orthodontist, eating the “best hamburger” in L.A., and shopping for guitar picks and a “poop emoji” guitar strap. While the tasks might seem ordinary, anything is made extraordinary when infused with the power of Jack Black’s personality. So, be sure to head on over to his channel and check it out for yourself. I’ve shared my favorite video below for a quick, easy view.

What do you think of Jablinski Games? Are you yearning to see commentary on the video gaming scene from one of the funniest personalities in Hollywood? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! And be sure to check back for more on all things esports!