Is there a post-credit scene in Spider-Man 2?
Is there a post-credit scene in Spider-Man 2?
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Is there a post-credit scene in Spider-Man 2?

Is it worth sticking around through the credits?

Any person at least somewhat familiar with Marvel knows to expect a post-credit scene of some kind, and players are certainly curious if there is one in Spider-Man 2.

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The newest video game in the Spider-Man franchise has officially been released and while a majority of players aren’t anywhere close to beating the story yet, curiosity never rests. There was a post-credit scene in both the original Spider-Man game in 2018 and in Miles Morales, so the expectation is another cutscene is present during the credits of Spider-Man 2.

I will explain if that is true or not in the guide below but don’t worry, I won’t be spoiling anything about the potential cutscene.

Does Spider-Man 2 have a post-credit scene?

Spider-Man 2 is sticking with the Marvel trend. | Screenshot via Marvel

If you were expecting some form of a post-credit cutscene in Spider-Man 2, then your suspicions were correct. I can confirm there is a cutscene during the credits after you beat the main story. Not only that but there are actually two separate cutscenes that roll at different times during the credits.

Basically, you want to ensure you watch the entire credit sequence, or at least until you see both cutscenes play out. As you might expect, the cutscenes hint at some future content that will likely arrive in a DLC for Spider-Man 2 or another game in the series.

At this time, we have no confirmation on whether Spider-Man 2 will feature any DLC, but it’s at least widely expected another sequel is being developed at Insomniac Games. So either way, the content hinted at in the post-credit cutscenes will likely arrive in one way or the other in the future.

So there you have it, if you wanted to make sure you needed to stick around during the credits for Spider-Man 2, now you have your answer.

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