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The Hyper Scape Technical Test has been a massive success thus far. The community is loving the game and Ubisoft is gathering some useful data to improve the battle royale going forward. However, like with any early access title, there are some gripes from the players who have game access. One of the chief concerns is the current Hyper Scape time-to-kill (TTK). Most feel that it’s too high for most of the weapons in the game. Recently, an Ubisoft developer weighed in on the topic and explained the thought process behind the mechanic.

The Hyper Scape time-to-kill issue

If you’re not familiar with the term “time-to-kill,” it’s basically defined as the time it takes to eliminate an enemy. Each weapon features its own TTK, as there are varying levels of damage and other factors that can come into play. However, there’s a general TTK that each multiplayer shooter implements.

Ubisoft has implemented a rather slow Hyper Scape TTK, meaning it takes longer to eliminate enemies. This is most likely to compensate for the fact that there’s no armor or shields available here that other battle royales, like Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite, feature.

While this may have been a smart route to take at the beginning of development, it’s starting to wear on players. You can sneak up behind an enemy and make consecutive headshots, but not even put a dent in their health. After you start shooting, the enemy can easily double jump or use a Hack. You lose the advantage without dealing any significant damage.

This issue is trending heavily on Reddit, and recently, an Ubisoft developer chimed in on a thread.

Ubisoft developer Hyper Scape TTK
Image via Reddit

According to the Hyper Scape developer Thomas, TTK is actively being looked at. The Technical Test is providing Ubisoft with great data that will be used to tweak the time-to-kill when the game launches later on in 2020. So, it’s probable that players will see a lower TTK when that day eventually arrives.

How are you enjoying the new battle royale? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Hyper Scape news.

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