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Palworld is a certified hit, but with any hit, there are always going to be problems that arise. Being an online-only game, the server quality of Palworld is extremely important, so you’ll want to know when there are issues at play.

Not all games have an official server status website but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what’s going on. There are several places to look that should give you a good idea of how things are going from a server perspective in Palworld, and we’ve got you covered with the full list.

How to check the Palworld server status

Palworld players riding mounts above the world, with a tower in the middle.
Image via Pocketpair

The best way to find out Palworld’s current server status is to check the game’s official X account. This will be the first location where Pocketpair shares any news of server maintenance or major issues that have caused server issues or the game to be taken offline.

Along with X, the Pocketpair Discord is another great place to stay up-to-date with Palworld’s server status. Like X, Discord is a typical place where the devs will share news of things that may impact the game’s servers.

The last place to look is user-reported resources like statuspage or Reddit. Statuspage is similar to Downdetector and other websites where players can report when they encounter problems with Palworld servers. If problems are at play you will see player reports here.

Similarly, Reddit is a typical place where Palworld players post about their problems, so if you see many people having server issues there then you’ll know the problem isn’t on your end.