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If you want to try out a game without paying full price, Xbox Game Pass can be a true lifesaver. It’s no wonder then that gamers are wondering if Nightingale will be available on Microsoft’s flagship service when it goes into early access.

Nightingale sees players jumping into a world filled with portals, that can take you to new realms filled with lands to explore, resources to gather, and enemies to battle. Survival games certainly seem to be the flavor of the month right now, and Nightingale is next up on the menu.

It should come as no surprise then that gamers are actively looking forward to it, and the good news is that its release date has been brought forward, meaning we can jump in even earlier than we expected. Will it be on Xbox Game Pass when it launches in early access? The answer will disappoint many.

A white character with horns and pointy ears, and gold leaf around it's eyes and face. It wears a green jacket with a collar, and a red waistcoat.
Xbox Game Pass subscribers won’t be able to hang out with this… thing. Image via Inflexion Games

Will Nightingale be available on Xbox Game Pass?

No, Nightingale will not be available on Xbox Game Pass when it launches on February 20. Unlike Palworld, which was launched on the service, players will need to purchase the game from either Steam or the Epic Games Store if they want to get involved on release day.

While the reason for this hasn’t been given, it’s possible that the fact Nightingale won’t be available on Xbox Series X, or any console for that matter, meant that a place on Microsoft’s service didn’t make sense. It’s also not currently listed on the Microsoft Store.

Of course, this may change at some point in the future. It’s not the first time that a game in early access has launched its full, complete version on Xbox Game Pass once they have ironed out any bugs and issues that affected the game.

For now, though, you’ll have to stump up the money if you want to play for yourself. Nightingale will launch at $30 USD / £24.99 on February 20.