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Two Nightingale characters running out of a portal, wearing a metal cage around their head.
Screenshot via Inflexion Games

Is Nightingale available on Steam Deck?

Nightingale is set for a major PC release, but will you be able to play it on the go or in bed using Valve's Steam Deck?

Nightingale is the next big survival game to hit the markets in 2024, but gamers want to know if they’ll be able to play it on the move, and not just at home. Here’s what the devs have told us about Nightingale on Steam Deck.

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Following on from Palworld and Enshrouded, Nightingale is set in a world with portals, transporting you across realms where you can meet up with a number of creatures and enemies you need to fight. It’s no surprise that gamers are intrigued, and want to know more about the game.

Not only to players want to enjoy it at home, but they’d love the option to play it on the go too using the Steam Deck. Unfortunately, there’s bad news on that front.

A Nightingale character standing on a hill, looking down over the landscape.
Could this guy take Nightingale on the road with his Steam Deck? Image via Inflexion Games

Is Nightingale playable on Steam Deck?

No, Nightingale will not be Steam Deck verified when it launches in Early Access. Like other games, you may still be able to play it on the device, but it may not run smoothly as it wasn’t originally developed with the handheld machine in mind.

There’s no word on whether Inflexion intends to work on a Steam Deck version in the future either. The developers already spurned a console release in early access, instead focusing on PC launches on Steam and Epic Games Store.

So for now, the only confirmation that we have is that the game is playable on PC. It may be worth trying out Steam Deck when Nightingale releases in Early Access on February 20, but if you’re buying it with the sole intention of playing on Valve’s handheld system, you’ll be taking a big risk. I recommend waiting until release and seeing others test it before you take the plunge.