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Is Last Epoch playable on Steam Deck?

Who doesn't want to game on the go?

Last Epoch is almost out of early access and the ARPG is gearing up to take on the big players when it lands on Feb. 21.

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Whether you’re new to Last Epoch or have played the game in early access, being here means you want to do so on your Steam Deck. Valve’s handheld has changed the game giving players a way to grind on the go, but as any owner will know, not all games are compatible.

Fortunately, when it comes to Last Epoch there is good news to share. Here’s the rundown on Last Epoch’s Steam Deck status.

Can you play Last Epoch on Steam Deck?

Last Epoch screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

Yes, you can play Last Epoch on Steam Deck, and according to players who have already sunk in the hours using Valve’s handheld device, it runs surprisingly well.

There are a few polish problems that have been reported to the Last Epoch forum for the game when playing on Steam Deck, but overall, it should run well, look great, and most importantly, give you a way to take your gameplay on the go.

Of course, these accounts of playing the game come from the pre-release version so when patch 1.0 lands things should be even better and we’d expect the Steam Deck experience to only improve over time. Since it runs so well on Steam Deck we can say with certainty that it will be great on other high-powered handheld PCs on the market such as the ASUS ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and other devices that can run Steam.

If you plan on playing Last Epoch on your Steam Deck when version 1.0 arrives on Feb. 21 we suggest checking out one of the many settings guides available now on YouTube to get things running in the optimal way.

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