Is Destiny 2 Lightfall the last expansion for the game?
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Is Destiny 2 Lightfall the last expansion for the game?

Lightfall is the beginning of the end, but not of the game

Destiny 2 is coming up on its sixth anniversary in 2023, with its latest expansion Lightfall catching a lot of eyes. However, the idea Lightfall could be the final expansion pack coming to Destiny 2 is floating around the fanbase. So, what is the situation with Lightfall and the future of Destiny 2?

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Don’t worry, Lightfall is not the last expansion

With all the information released around Lightfall, there were a lot of hints that this expansion is leading to the end of Destiny 2. This is correct, but by no means does this mean that Lightfall is the final expansion. Bungie has already revealed that the next expansion, The Final Shape, will release as the eighth expansion in the franchise.

Calling back to the Witch Queen content, Bungie talked about the future of the game, mentioning that Lightfall was the beginning of the end. This has to do with the current focus of the story rather than the game as a whole. Ever since the game changed to free-to-play back in 2019, Destiny 2 has kept a dedicated fanbase ever since. With the Witch Queen expansion pack, fans got a taste of how the future expansions are headed.

The future of Destiny 2

In terms of the future of Destiny 2, we do know that The Final Shape is the last confirmed expansion. But, at the same time, the developers at Bungie have been clear that they want the game to keep going without the need for another version of the game (no Destiny 3, except for maybe in the title alone).

The Destiny 2 story is reaching its final chapter, starting in Lightfall and ending in The Final Shape. But, the game will live on. To see what happens next, check out the Lightfall expansion when it goes live on Feb. 28, 2023.

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