Is Buckshot Roulette coming to mobile or consoles?
Is Buckshot Roulette coming to mobile or consoles?
Screenshot via Mike Klubnika

Is Buckshot Roulette coming to mobile or consoles?

The small indie game is making waves

Buckshot Roulette is one of the strangest, yet most enticing games to come out in recent memory. It’s only about 20 minutes long and costs a mere $1.20 However, the PC community has raved about Buckshot Roulette so much that mobile and console fans are wondering if it will ever be playable for them.

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The premise of Buckshot Roulette is that you are facing a life and death situation against a creepy NPC that acts as a dealer. There are items in the game you can use to increase your odds of success, but in the end, you will either live or die at the gambling table. Buckshot Roulette is quickly becoming a cult-classic on PC, so you can read below to find out if it’s ever going to be available on mobile devices or consoles.

Will Buckshot Roulette ever come to mobile or consoles?

Screenshot via Mike Klubnika

At the time of writing, Buckshot Roulette is only available through a website called This website allows developers to publish their games for free or for a small price. Buckshot Roulette was developed by a man named Mike Klubnika and, as previously stated, it only costs $1.20 on The game was released in late December 2023 and has quickly grown from there.

Unfortunately, this means the developer Klubnika has not had much time to think about any additional ports for Buckshot Roulette. There is no indication Klubnika will spend the time to develop Buckshot Roulette for any of the major consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, or mobile devices on iOS or Android.

While this might disappointing for fans right now, Klubnika has also not completely ruled anything out at this point, so a possibility still exists for Buckshot Roulette to be released outside of When that could potentially happen is completely unknown, though, so for now, you’ll have to buy Buckshot Roulette on a computer or not play it at all.

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