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The official Apex Legends Twitter account just dropped some major news. The game’s diehard fans have been clamoring over two things since launch: a solo mode, and more spicy cosmetics. It seems both are on the way. Next week, we will get Apex Legends‘ first-ever official solo queue!

Iron Crown Collection event

The mode will arrive as part of the Iron Crown Collection event. This event begins on August 13 and will last through August 27. Aside from the Solos mode, it will evidently bring new cosmetics. As you can see from the trailer below, legends Bangalore, Lifeline, Mirage, and Bloodhound will sport some unique looks.

The Iron Crown Collection event will most likely come with its own set of limited-time challenges. This is how The Legendary Hunt delivered most of its content in Apex Legends Season 1. Based on the name, it’s possible the event will have a set-collection component. Perhaps players will have to seek out and fulfill the challenge over a series of matches.

A true solos mode

The main treat of the event is the limited-time Solos mode. This is what EA hinted at as one of the game’s “most fan-requested features” in their recent Q1 2020 earnings call. Of course, Apex Legends players love to joke that the game already features a solo queue – namely, dropping into a match with both of your teammates disconnected.

Respawn is hard at work fixing exploits and hit-reg issues in Apex Legends. New content is also on the horizon, with Season 2 details coming in June!

This true Solos mode will deliver the legitimate experience of dropping in Kings Canyon as a lone operator. It is not yet clear how it will handle the game’s intrinsic team-play mechanics. We also don’t know if Respawn will implement a permanent Solos mode after the event ends. This will likely depend on the community’s response to the mode. Perhaps a Duos mode is also hidden in the Apex Legends future.

All questions will be answered on August 13 when The Iron Crown Collection event begins. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and content!

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