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In the last map in the last game before the grand finals of VALORANT Champions, KRÜ Esports and Gambit Esports managed to go to over 4 rounds of overtime before Gambit finally came out on top.

Gambit was the heavy favorite coming into VALORANT Champions. After winning Masters Berlin, the expectations for them were high. However, they showed they were not afraid of the pressure, with every player on the team turning up when it mattered most.

KRÜ, meanwhile, were there to prove they deserved a spot. And prove it they did, not only making it out of the group stage (which is a feat in itself), but also taking down titans like Sentinels and Fnatic.

Of course, the hype surrounding this semifinal match was unparalleled. Who would win, the favorites or the underdogs?

During the series, the games looked incredibly close. At first, Gambit dominated Breeze. They lost 8-4 on their attacking half. but then managed to pull 9 rounds back-to-back on attack to win the map. On the second map, Ascent, KRÜ Esports showed that they weren’t done. They managed to break through the Gambit defense, landing the map 13-7 and tying it 1-1.

Thus we came to Bind, and this is where we saw one of the longest matches in a VCT tournament.

Even after the game ended, Twitter and Reddit were ablaze with reactions, with generally everyone agreeing that this map was one of the best ever.

Even Fnatic captain Jake “Boaster” Howlett was impacted by the tense series. “What a series!! Mad respect to @KRUesports and congrats to @GambitEsports!” Boaster tweeted. “Now what?… I’m more exhausted than when we played 2 days ago.”

Now that this game is done. We move to the grand finals, Acend versus Gambit Esports. This will be an EMEA-only finals and will be the last game of the VALORANT Champions Tour circuit.

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