iiTzTimmy's Bronze to Predator Challenge complete after 54 hours
iiTzTimmy completes his solo Bronze to Predator challenge
Provided by @iiTzTimmy / Twitter

iiTzTimmy’s Bronze to Predator solo queue challenge successfully ends after 54 hours

Over two days of streaming and 148,000 viewers
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Apex Legends streamer and competitor Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An completed a self-imposed challenge on Aug. 16, solo queueing from Bronze to Predator in a single 54-hour-long marathon stream. The Twitch stream peaked at over 148,000 viewers and garnered widespread support from across the Apex Legends community.

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On Aug. 14, Timmy tweeted his stream link, captioned with “SOLO BRONZE TO PREDATOR IN ONE STREAM,” kicking off the self-imposed challenge. After more than two consecutive days of streaming, Timmy capped the challenge off with a win. The stream garnered massive attention, snowballing for the full 54 hours as shown by the stream stats Timmy tweeted afterward.

iiTzTimmy's stream stats after the 54 hour marathon
iiTzTimmy’s stream stats after the 54-hour marathon. | Provided by iiTzTimmy via Twitter

The difficulty of iiTzTimmy’s Bronze to Predator challenge

While Bronze to Predator and similar challenges are as old as modern ranking systems, the single-stream marathon was unprecedented in Apex Legends. Solo-ranked play in Apex is particularly brutal. Unlike League of Legends, there is no separate solo queue. There also aren’t any pre-made party size restrictions at the top ranks either, like in VALORANT. Master and Predator level play consists largely of full, three-player pre-made squads.

Top players including ShivFPS expressed their thoughts on the solo experience as Timmy’s Bronze to Predator marathon continued. The statement was particularly poignant coming from a player nicknamed “The Solo Queue Warlord” who competes on a team called SoloQ Goats. Nevertheless, Timmy was undeterred.

Apex Legend’s newest character, Seer, posed an additional layer of challenge. Seer’s passive Heartbeat Sensor ability has made “ratting” for placement more difficult than ever. Solo players like Timmy, who outlive their squad, can no longer hide and wait out fights when every Seer player can passively track them through walls. Plus, Seer’s tactical ability can cancel healing; a particularly frustrating mechanic as observed by Chris “sweet” Sexton.

Community-wide support

Frustration’s with Seer aside, sweet’s comments were emblematic of the rallying effect of Timmy’s stream. Numerous community members shared their support as Timmy neared his goal, including teammate Jack “NiceWigg” Martin. Christian “Nokokopuffs” Feliciano also expressed his admiration for Timmy’s mental fortitude.

Even the official Apex Legends Twitter account offered praise, along with some medical advice.


“Proud of you, ya absolute legend,” reads the Tweet. “Never play for 54 hours straight again. For your health.”

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