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In the recent v18.10 update for Fortnite Season 8, Epic Games added several new pieces of content to the game. If players want to venture out to Weeping Woods, though, they’ll find another fresh addition in the form of Grim Fable. The new NPC on the island gives out Punchcard quests just like any other NPC, which is great for players looking to earn more XP in Season 8. One of her quests is a bit tricky to complete, requiring players to hunt for a wolf on the Fortnite island.

Grim Fable is patroling Weeping Woods and players can utilize her Punchcard quests to earn additional XP. To fully finish her Fortnite questline, though, players will need to hunt down a wolf at some point.

Finding a wolf in Fortnite Season 8

Hunting a wolf is quest number four in Grim Fable’s questline, so players have some work to do before they reach this challenge. Once they do, they can go out and search for a wolf prowling the Fortnite island.

How to hunt wolves in Fortnite Season 8
Wolves and other wildlife are rarer in Fortnite Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games

To make this process easier, players can travel north to Boney Burbs. This area seems to have an increased amount of wildlife and that includes wolves. Players can look for packs of wolves in the areas surrounding Boney Burbs too. There should be packs traveling east and southwest of the POI.

Once players have found a pack, all they need to do is kill one of the wolves. This will reward the players with 30,000 XP and allow them to move onto the fifth and final Grim Fable Punchcard quest. Coincidentally, that challenge requires players to emote within 10 meters of wildlife. So, players should be able to return to the spot they found the wolves and perform an emote closeby, rewarding players with another 30,000 XP.