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Super Smash Con 2022 might have passed, but the results of the Ultimate tournament are still lingering in the Smash community. Sixteen-year-old Angel “Onin” Mireles took on some of the biggest names in Smash, including Enrique “Maister” Solis in the grand finals, to win the super major. And he did it with Steve, the most-hated character on the giant Smash roster.

After winning, Onin received a lot of hate and harassment from toxic members of the Smash community who felt he was carried by Steve. The sentiment was blown up by pro players in the scene as well, with many top players bashing the character. Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma also pointed out that there were eight Steve players in Top 64, while almost all other characters were represented only one or two times at that point in the tournament.

While the community has since come forward to call out toxic people for harassing Onin, the hate for Steve has only continued to grow. The idea that Steve mains are “carried” by the character has become an even louder sentiment despite Onin’s clever plays with the Minecraft character.

Now, Hungrybox is throwing around the idea of an anti-Steve tournament that the community is rooting for. On Twitter, Hungrybox hinted that he had $1,500 to use on an online tournament and wanted to make it a tournament for Steve mains only. The catch, however, is that the Steve mains can’t use Steve. This would prove which Steve main is the “least carried” in theory.

Hungrybox then called for the “best Steve players in North America” to reply if they are free for a “hypothetical” tournament on Aug. 25.

“I also need name ideas for the event because all I have at the moment is the SteveDoesntCarryMeBox or the CoinBlocks and honestly I think we can do better,” Hungrybox tweeted.

Fans instantly replied that the tournament should be called BlockBuster, a play on the retro video store. Others suggested The Unboxing, Neincraft, and Square Off.

Many top Steve players responded to the tweet with interest in the concept.

It was pointed out, however, that many top Steve players would be traveling on Aug. 25 for Shine. Hungrybox added that it could be Aug. 23 if that worked better for participants.

So far no further information has been revealed about the nameless anti-Steve tournament. If enough Steve mains confirm their participation, the Smash community can expect an update from Hungrybox in the near future.


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