Huanmie, Double61 eliminated at TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship
TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship Day 1 standings

Huanmie, Double61 eliminated at TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship

There will be a new TFT world champion this season

Despite riding huge momentum heading into the TFT Set 6 World Championship, neither of the two former world champions will be adding another title this season. The reigning world champion, Huanmie, and the TFT Galaxies champion, Emre “Double61” Demirtas were eliminated after Day 1 of the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship.

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Both players struggled to find consistent footing. Out of the six games played on Day 1, Double61 only managed to place into the top four of his lobby three times. Huanmie saw an even worse top-four rate of 33%.

Double61 dug his grave early, only managing a single fourth-place finish after the first four games. He played better in the last two games with back-to-back third-place rounds but missed out on the top 16 by a single point.

Huanmie started the day off solid with a third-place finish in Game 1. But after that, it was all downhill. With three seventh-place finishes in the next five games, his lone win in Game 5 was not good enough to get him into the next round.

This means there will be a brand new world champion this season. After Day 1, three major regions are tied at the top in the number of players remaining. North America, China and the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions all have three players remaining. North America is the region in the best shape, as they have converted three of their four players to Day 2 while China and EMEA only converted three of six.

Following behind the three regions above, Korea put two players into the top 16. They tied with two minor regions as Latin America and Brazil also produced two Day 2 players each. Although in Latin America’s case, their two players barely squeaked into the top 16 at 15th and 16th place respectively. Rounding out the top 16 is one of the two Oceania representatives, TXE. He actually finished second overall with an impressive 35 points at the end of Day 1.

The lobby leader on Day 1 was China’s Kuangluan who pulled off and an outstanding day by placing top four in all six games, which netted him 39 points. Rounding out the Day 1 podium is NA’s regional champion Jeffrey “Milk” Pan, who finished with 34 points.

Day 2 starts at 5 a.m. ET on Saturday with the top 16 returning to see which eight players will make it to the finals on Day 3.

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