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The new Teamfight Tactics expansion is finally here and that means a whole bunch of new champions and traits to explore. It wouldn’t be a TFT expansion without an economy trait and this time around we have Underground.

In the superhero-themed Monsters Attack! expansion, the Underground trait plays the role of thieves looking to go rogue as they try to crack vaults in search of treasure but there definitely is a risk. Here is how the Underground trait in TFT Set 8 works.

Underground explained

Underground is an econ trait and is actually the lone gold-generating trait in the expansion but, unlike other econ traits in previous sets, this one works a lot differently.

Previously, econ traits were exclusively aimed at lose-streaking with the rewards getting greater with each consecutive loss which challenged players to play chicken with their HP to maximize the rewards. With those traits, players would have to “cash out” by winning a round after a loss streak to receive their rewards, Underground does none of that.

Instead, players will work towards cracking locks on a vault and they can do that by winning or losing rounds. To keep the risk strategy intact though, losing a round cracks more locks than winning a round but players are not punished harshly for winning. What is also different is the cash-out method. Players do not have to win a round to cash out, instead, every 10 locks cracked opens a vault which at that point players can choose to take the loot or move on to the next vault which will contain more lucrative rewards. Essentially, Underground is deal or no deal.

There are seven tiers of vaults for players to chase after but getting deep into the tiers will require players to micromanage their HP just like with older econ traits this attempt at an econ trait is designed to keep all of the fun from old econ traits while also keeping the design healthy for competitive play.

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