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The second big North American Teamfight Tactics tournament of the new expansion is coming up quickly. The TFT Jade Cup pits the best 160 TFT players in NA against each other across four days of competition to see which players have a shot at the Dragonlands Mid-Set Finale and the TFT Dragonlands world championship. Here is all the info needed to follow along with the action when the event kicks off on Saturday, July 30.


Like the Astral Cup, the Jade cup is split between two weekends. The 160-player field will be split into two sections. The top 32 players at the end of sign-ups will get a two-day bye and will not have to play during the first two days. The remaining 128 players will start play on Day 1; those players will be divided into eight-player lobbies. Each lobby will play two games and will reshuffle every two games after. At the end of the sixth game, the top 64 players will move onto Day 2.

Day 2 will invite the 64 players back and they will follow the same format as Day 1 with points reset. After the end of the sixth game on Day 2, the top 32 players will join the top-seeded 32 players for competition on Day 3.

Day 3 will kick off on the following Saturday on August 9. The final 64 players will follow the same format as the previous two days with points reset. After the sixth game, the top 32 players will move onto Day 4 but with a twist. Points will be reset for Day 4, but players with high placement from Day 3 will start the day with bonus points. Three points will be awarded to the top four players from Day 3; then two points for the top eight, and one point for the top 12.

Day 4 will have the remaining 32 players play five games. After the end of the fifth game, the field will be cut to just eight players. Those eight players will keep their points and join the final lobby for two additional game to decide who will be crowned Jade Cup champion and to see which four players will qualify for the Dragonlands Mid-Set Finale.


Many notable players will be participating in the Jade Cup. Pretty much every prominent North America player will be competing. Notable names include Cloud9’s Michael “k3soju” Zhang who is the second overall seed in this event. Team Liquid will be in full force with Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco, Alex “Kurumx” Tompkins, Robin “Robinsongz” Sung and Aleksey “Goose” Tvorogov all qualifying as well.

Other entrants to watch include Albert “Socks” Chen, who will be looking for another championships after his last big win. Emily “Emilyywang” Wang hopes to be the first female player to capture a major TFT title. With her in the 10th seed, Emilyywang very well might pull it off.

Players can check out the full list of players on the official website.

How to watch

The talent lineup for the official Jade Cup broadcast. | Provided by Riot Games

There will be no official broadcast for the first two days of competition but the second weekend of play will feature a talent lineup bringing spectators the play-by-play and analysis. The second weekend will stream August 9-10 at 4 p.m ET on the TFT Twitch channel.


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