How to watch the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship
TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship

How to watch the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship

Thirty two of the worlds best players will duke it out for the TFT set 6 world champion crown

The final tournament of the sixth Teamfight Tactics expansion will begin on Friday with 32 best players from around the world competing against each other for $300,000 and the chance to claim the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship title. Here are all the details on how to catch all the action.

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The TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship is a three-day tournament. Day 1 of the event will have the 32 players split into four lobbies based on regional seeding.

These four lobbies will play three games. After the first three games, the lobbies will shuffle. The four new lobbies will play an additional three games. The top 16 players in points after the end of the six games on Day 1 will move onto Day 2.

Day 2 will have the 16 remaining players come back and will be seeded based on Day 1 performance. The 16 players will be split into two lobbies.

These lobbies will play three games. After the end of the first three games, the lobbies will be shuffled, just like during Day 1. The new lobbies will play three more games with the top eight players moving onto the finals on Day 3.

Day 3 will have the eight remaining players put into one lobby. These eight players will be playing the finals using the checkmate format. This means that instead of playing a static amount of games, players will be instead racing to hit a point threshold.

Once a player hits 18 points, they will be “put in check.” Once a player is put in check, the next time they win a game the tournament will end with the winning player being crowned TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Champion.

The point system for each game will follow the standard eight points for first, seven for second and so on.


32 of the best players from across the world have earned their spot at the TFT Gizmos and Gadgets Championship. There are eight regions in total playing at this season’s world championship. Some regions have more players than others based on historical performance. Here is a breakdown of who is playing and what region they are from.

North America

  • Jeffrey “Milk” Pan
  • Team Liquid’s Aleksey “Goose” Tvorogov
  • Andrew “Guubums” Cheung
  • Daniel “DQA” Li


  • Anao
  • Luluo
  • Xilige
  • Kuangluan
  • Liuli
  • Huanmie


  • Wozzzul
  • Dr. Oh
  • Bullbo
  • Ddudu
  • Agotaboy


  • Karmine Corp’s Emre “Double61” Demirtas
  • Eric “Voltariux” Gadchaux
  • Mathieu “L3S Coco” Nencioni
  • Grégoire “Un33d” Bodin
  • Zbrojson
  • Ging

Latin America

  • Altenahue
  • Fan The Qiqi
  • Simpedemegumin


  • Math108
  • VCLF
  • Koala
  • Lucas “eusouolucas” Damaso


  • Title
  • Apao9neo


  • Knpngrz
  • Txe

Where to Watch

The broadcast for North American viewers starts early, with the broadcast going live at 5 a.m. ET each day. However, a team of talent will bring spectators play-by-play and analysis throughout the weekend. Spectators can tune into the official Teamfight Tactics Twitch channel to watch the action all weekend long.

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