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The fifth Teamfight Tactics set is in full swing which means the TFT: Reckoning competitive season is as well. With other regions still figuring out what they are doing for their path to the TFT Reckoning Championship, which takes place in China later this year, North America’s season is already under way. One of the ways that players can get close to earning their Worlds invite is to play in the TFT Challenger Series.

The TFT Challenger Series event gives the players at the top of the ranked ladder a chance to punch their ticket to the $20,000 Mid-Set Finale in July. A spot at that event is a critical step in the road to the TFT: Reckoning World Championship. Last set’s TFT World Championship saw a prize pool of $250,000. But, to get there, it all starts with the Challenger Series. Here is a breakdown on what to know and where to watch the bi-weekly event.


The TFT Challenger Series event is an invitational only tournament that spans over the course of two days every other week in the TFT: Reckoning season. Although players have to be invited to play, sign-ups were open to players who feel that they are high enough ranked to play. The top 16 players have been selected to play based on the ladder ranks on the previous week’s ladder snapshot. Each Challenger Series event require new sign-ups to ensure that the best players are playing in each event.

For each Challenger Series event, the 16 players selected square off on Day 1 in five swiss-style rounds. The players are seeded into two different lobbies that change after every game based on a rolling point total. After five rounds, the top eight players move onto Day 2.

Day 2 has a completely different format. Instead of playing a set amount of games, players race to a point total. After players hit 24 points, they are put on “check.” Once a player in Check wins a lobby, the event is over and that player is crowned the Challenger Series winner. There is, however, a point total safety net. If a player reaches 40 points before any players in check wins a lobby, they will win the TFT Challenger Series.


The winner of each Challenger Series event not only earns a direct invite into the Mid-Set Finale; they also will earn the lions share prize pool of nearly $3,000. The prizing is as follows:

First: 800 + Direct Invite to Reckoning Mid-Set Finale
Second: 550
Third: 450
Fourth: 350
Fifth: 250
Sixth: 175
Seventh: 125
Eighth: 100

When and where to watch

The Challenger Series Events take place bi-weekly every Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 7 p.m. EST. The Day 1 action will take place live on the GiantSlayerTFT Twitch channel and their YouTube Channel. Day 2 of each event will air live on the Riot Games official Twitch channel.

Players can also watch the perspectives of the competitors on their respective Twitch channels.

The dates for the TFT Challenger Series are as follows: May 19-20, June 2-3, June 16-17 and June 30-July 1.