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The Pokémon Company has announced the stream schedule for this weekend’s Pokémon Europe International Championships. This tournament will feature brackets for all of the current competitive Pokémon games besides Pokémon UNITE.

The Sword and Shield Video Game Championship, the trading card game, Pokémon GO and Pokkén Tournament DX will all have their own individual Twitch streams at the Pokémon Europe International Championships. Coverage for all four games will begin at midnight PT on Friday.

The streams for each game will continue at midnight on Saturday, with the Pokémon GO and Pokkén Tournament DX brackets concluding afterward. Then, the final matches for the VGC and TCG brackets will start at 1 a.m. on Sunday.

In additions, fan will hear commentary from the following people throughout the event:

  • VGC – Adam “Dozzalon” Dorricott, Labhaoisa “LouLouThePikachu” Cromie, Lee “Osirus” Provost and Rosemary “Nekkra” Kelley
  • TCG – Joe Bernard, Ross Gilbert, Chip Richey and Ethan Hegyi
  • Pokémon GO – William “SpeediestChief2” Dunphey, Caleb Peng, Ryan “Zyonik” Hackel and Steven Sanders
  • Pokkén Tournament DX – Evan “WonderChef” Hashimoto, Solomon “SolCalibre” Richard-Croffie, Michael “Midori” Tjong

More about the Pokémon Europe International Championships

After more than two years of online competition, this event will mark the first in-person Pokémon International Championships since the Oceania International Championships in February of 2020.

Alongside the North America International Championships in June, the European event will be one of only two International Championships before the World Championships take place in August. Meanwhile, results from the 2019 Latin America Championships and the 2020 Oceania Championships will count toward this year’s finale event.

The Pokémon Company previously faced backlash for how it handled registration for the Europe International Championships. There was an undisclosed registration cap for the event, which was reached before registration was announced on social media. However, The Pokémon Company later opened up additional slots for the VGC and TCG Masters divisions.

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