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The Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning season is in full swing world wide. As the mid-set update for TFT nears, some regions are ending the first half of the season with a bang. Just like North America, the Oceania TFT region is also holding a mid-set invitational tournament with major world championship implications.

The Oceania Mid-Set Invitational is the most important tournament for the region thus far. Unlike North America’s version, the Oceania mid-set finale will decide all of the players competing at the OCE regional finals in September. Essentially, the mid-set invitational will be the last tournament of the season for many of the top Oceania players.

64 players will compete in the event, but only 16 of them will qualify for the Oceania TFT regional finals. The event will occur over four days and two weekends starting July 10.  Here is a breakdown on the qualification process, the format, and how to watch the action live.

Format for the Oceania TFT Mid-Set Invitational

A detailed infographic of the Oceania MSI event. Players battle it out until 16 remain. Credit to ORDER

Day one of the Mid-set Invitational on Saturday July 10 will have two parts. The first phase will have the 64 players split into random lobbies. Those random lobbies will play three games. After the end of the first three games, the bottom eight players will be eliminated. The remaining 56 players will then go into new lobbies based on their performance in the first three games. These new lobbies will play two more games with points carried over. After those two games, another eight players are cut. The final 48 will move onto day two.

Day two on Sunday July 11 will follow an almost identical format as day one. The 48 players will head into lobbies and play three games. Another eight eliminations will leave 40 players left. The 40 remaining players will be placed into new lobbies and will play two more games. After those two games the bottom eight will once again be eliminated. The final 32 will move onto day three the following weekend.

On day three (Saturday July 17), 32 players will split into four different lobbies based on their day two performance. The players will play five games, with the another eight-person elimination for bottom performers. The 24 remaining players will make it to day four.

Day four on Sunday July 18 will have the 24 players seeded into three lobbies based on their day three performance. The 24 players will play another five games. The top 16 players will qualify for the OCE Regional Finals.

Who is playing and where to watch

The talent for the Oceania TFT MSI. Watch these casters live along with the competitors throughout the four day event. Credit to ORDER.

Unlike the North America Mid-Set Finale, ORDER elected to run open qualifiers for the Oceania TFT version to give more players the opportunity to qualify for this all important tournament. Out of the 64 players qualified for this event, 32 of them are from open qualifiers, eight each from the four different ones. The other 32 qualified through weekly snapshots.

Some notable names competing include TSM’s  Jang “Keane” Lae-young, TFT Fates Championship finalist Razza, and TFT Galaxies Championship competitor Oubo among others. A detailed list of the snapshot competitors can be found here. For a list of open qualifier competitors can be found here.

Fans will be able to catch each day of the event on Twitch. The official broadcast will feature talent from around the Oceania region. The action for day one kicks off on July 10 at 4 AM EST. Spectators can catch the action live on the ORDER twitch channel.