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The EMEA Game Changers Series 2 main event begins on Oct. 27 and will feature 58 all-women rosters competing for a €20,000 prize pool.

For the second time around, the EMEA Game Changers will house what they are calling a Swiss Stage before the main event. This Swiss Stage pits the 58 teams against one another for a shot at the top 16 to advance to the main stage. Outside of individual streams done by players, these games within the Swiss Stage are left un-streamed for fans to tune in and watch. However, fans can keep up with the action through the official Swiss Stage home page.

Once the top sixteen teams have been decided, they will advance to the main event and have a chance to win the €20,000 prize pool. Among those competing for the title, former Series 1 Champions TENSTAR Nova are looking to take home their second trophy.

How to watch EMEA Game Changers

Apart from individual streams from the players themselves, the only streams sponsored by Riot Games have not been officially revealed. For Series 1, the semifinal and final matches were streamed to the main VALORANT channel on Twitch and YouTube. As the EMEA Game Changers scene is still growing, it is safe to say that the games at that stage of the tournament will also be streamed.

According to Riot Games, the EMEA Game Changers Series 1 got to a peak viewership of 21,933 viewers with over 189,000 hours watched across all platforms. This includes the co-streams presented by 12 chosen watch party hosts. These same hosts will be returning to stream Series 2, making EMEA Game Changers accessible in seven different languages.

HyperX partners with Game Changers

Finally, as EMEA Game Changers expands with every series, more attention gets put on women in esports. HyperX is the main partner for Game Changers for the remainder of the first season. This is the first big sponsor for Game Changers specifically, outside of the smaller partners that have appeared in previous VALORANT Champions Tour branches.

“At HyperX we celebrate and empower all gamers to be their best,” Jessany Van’t Hoff, the head of Global Gaming Partnerships for HyperX, said in an interview with Riot Games. “The VALORANT Game Changers tournament is an incredible initiative that lifts all women to the forefront of competitive gaming, an area which needs to be improved to ensure inclusivity in gaming and esports. We’re proud to support the VALORANT Game Changers series in EMEA and look forward to witnessing the next generation of a more gender equal esport.”