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The Week 10 Legendary Quests are live in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. Epic Games released them this morning, following its pattern of Wednesday releases. One particular Week 10 challenge requires players to visit Slurp Factory inside of the alien Mothership.

Players must first figure out how to get into the mothership. Once on the ship, the Fortnite POI is right in the player’s eye-line, so the task can be easily completed from there. This article will go over how players can get beamed up into the mothership and find Slurp Factory.

Visiting Slurp Factory inside of the Mothership in Fortnite

The first step to this challenge is load up a new match of Fortnite and ride the Battle Buss until some floating islands are visible. These floating islands hold the key to getting inside the alien mothership. Players can loot up while they’re on the island, where they might find the new Prop-ifier, and wait for the central beam to activate.

One of the Fortnite POIs in Season 7.
Some of the floating islands. | Provided by Epic Games

This beam will suck anything up to the mothership. However, when first beamed up, players will find themselves in a low-gravity cell before being transported into the actual mothership. In the cell, players can fight enemies and must survive this arena mini-game. If they die, players will be sent back down to the Fortnite island and will need to get beamed back up into the mothership to continue with the task.

Once players have found a safe spot during the mini-game, they can visit Slurp Factory, which is in the middle of the arena. When the clock runs out, the surviving players are transported to a room with chests where they can loot a number of alien weapons. At this point, the Week 10 challenge is done. Players are then awarded 30,000 XP for their Battle Pass.