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MMOs are designed in such a way that you can create your own character. You can look exactly the way you want. From your eyes, to brows, hair, body shape, and race. If you can put so much time and effort into making your character look amazing, why can’t you do the same with your clothing?

Luckily, Square Enix has developed a system in FFXIV so you can put as much effort and personality into your gear as you do for your character. It’s called the Glamour system and is available in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Here’s how to access and use the FFXIV Glamour system.

Looking good in FFXIV, what is Glamour?

Fashion is important to some people. That’s why the team at Square Enix made sure you have everything you need to look your best in FFXIV. Glamour allows players to style and color their gear to look like another piece of gear. Why would you want to do this? Whilst some gear looks really good, its stats might be less than ideal. Glamour changes the appearance of your gear whilst maintaining the high level stats you want.

How to unlock Glamour

The first thing players will need to do in order to use the fashion system, is unlock Glamour. There’s only one quest you need to complete in order to unlock the Glamour spell, plates, and dresser. There are however three quests linked to Glamour and fashion in FFXIV. These are:

  • “Color Your World”
  • “If I Had Glamour”
  • “Absolutely Glamorous”

In order to start these quests, you’ll need your character to be level 15 or higher. You’ll also need to be far enough through the main quest to access Western Thanalan. Once you’ve reached level 15, head to Vesper Bay, in Western Thanalan. When you arrive, go to the Town Square and speak to Swyrgeim. She give you the quest line.

FFXIV Glamour start quest
You’ll find Swyrgeim sitting in the town square in Vesper Bay (Screenshot by Upcomer)

Each of the quests helps you unlock a different part of FFXIV fashion. The first will allow you to use dyes on gear. The second allows you to cast the “Glamour” spell, use Glamour prisms, and unlocks the Glamour Dresser. And the final quest unlocks the ability to craft your own Glamour prisms. Whilst you can technically get away with only doing “If I Had Glamour,” dying clothing is an important part of fashion, so you’ll want to complete this.

If you’re not fused about crafting your own prisms, you don’t need to complete Absolutely Glamorous. Color Your World is not a prerequisite to If I Had Glamour. However, If I Had Glamour needs to be completed before you can access Absolutely Glamourous. You can also do Color Your World and If I Had Glamour simultaneously. In order to complete Absolutely Glamorous you’ll also need the “Disciple of the Hand” job class.

An alternative

If you’re over level 50, you might like to travel to Mor Dhona and speak to Wiscard to give you the questline “A Self-improving Man”. This quest will also unlock the ability to use the Glamour spell, prisms, and dresser. Once you’ve completed that quest, you can receive the “Submission Impossible” quest from Wiscard to unlock Glamour prism crafting.

Note that If I Had Glamour and Absolutely Glamorous are mutually exclusive to A Self-improving Man and Submission Impossible respectively. You can only complete one of these questlines. In order to complete Submission Impossible you’ll also need the “Disciple of the Hand” job class.

How to use FFXIV Glamour

By completing the quests above, you will receive some Glamour Prisms. In order to use Glamour, you’ll need prisms. These “captures the likeness of a piece of equipment and projects it onto another object of comparable form and function.” For example you can capture the ‘image’ of a sword and project that onto another sword. You can not ??????? project the image of a sword onto a lance for example. Players will need one Glamour prism per item they are wanting change the appearance of.

If you need more Glamour prisms you can obtain them from various sources:

  • Pay 200 Grand Company seals to your Grand Company Quartermaster
  • Pay six Bicolor Gemstones to Endwalker FATE Vendors
  • Through crafting
  • Via the Market Board
  • From various quests

Once you have enough Glamour prisms you can use Glamour. Here’s how:

  1. Open “Character” from your menu
  2. Click Gear
  3. Right click on the piece of gear that you want to change the appearance
  4. Select “Cast Glamour”
  5. Under “Base” click on the piece of gear that you want to change the appearance
  6. Under “Appearance” select the piece of gear that you want the item to look like
  7. Double check your choices in the pop-up, and click “Cast”
  8. Click “Cast”

Now your gear will have the appearance of the other item you selected.

FFXIV Glamour Cast
Check your selections and when you’re happy click “Cast”. Luckily, if you mess up, you can always dispel the Glamour and put the items back to their original appearance. You will have only used up a Glamour Prism. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Limitations of the FFXIV Glamour system

There are some limitations of the FFXIV Glamour system. Players can only use the “likeness of a piece of equipment” that is at an equal or lower level than the gear that Glamour is being cast on. The gear also must be of the same class or job as as your character. For example you can’t make your character look like a Dancer with level 80 gear when you’re really a level 55 Paladin.

You also can’t stack Glamours. For example, if a sword already has Glamour cast on it to look like something else, then you can’t use that sword to Glamour another sword. You’ll need to find the original sword and then use it as your base Glamour. If the gear you are trying to select is greyed out, then it would fall under one of the Glamour restricted categories.

FFXIV Glamour limitations
If any item is greyed out, or you have an error message, Glamour can’t be applied to that item (Screenshot by Upcomer).

The FFXIV Glamour Dresser

Dying, casting, and Glamouring each individual item can be time consuming, and expensive. Not to mention you need all gear on your character. Thankfully, the Square Enix team designed a way for players to organize their fashion and spend less time casting Glamour. It also means you can cast Glamour from any item you have obtained. This is called the Glamour dresser. The Glamour dresser is available once you’ve completed the If I Had Glamour or A Self-improving Man quests. Your dressers is accessible from your inn room.

The Glamour dresser is now capable of storing up to 800 items. Using the Glamour dresser also means you can cast Glamour using items in your inventory, dresser, or armories. Your dresser or armories is good for storing lower level items, but ones that look cool enough to cast on other items. Armories are also good fr storing specific event events. Your Armoire is next to your dresser.

Using the FFXIV Glamour dresser and plates to change your whole look at once

By using the dresser, you can make Glamour Plates. These allow you to cast Glamour on your entire outfit at once. Using the plate doesn’t cost you any prisms. You can spend time creating the exact ‘look’ you want and then save to your ‘wardrobe’.

Here’s how to use the FFXIV Glamour Dresser:

  1. Travel to an inn
  2. Check into an inn room
  3. Walk over to your Glamour Dresser (usually on the left hand side of your room):
  4. Click to open the dresser and a few pop up windows will open for your dresser and “Glamour Creation”
  5. Click “Edit Glamour Plates” to edit or create an entire look
  6. Once you’re happy with your Glamour plate, exit the dresser
  7. Go to your “Actions & Traits” and select “Glamour Plate”
  8. Choose the Glamour Plate that you want your character to look like, and click “Apply”
FFXIV Glamour Plates
You can only use Glamour Plates when you’re in a city (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Changing and coloring your gear

Once you’re in the dresser it will take some playing around. Select the equipment from “Glamour Creation” that you want to change. A window will appear asking if you’d like to use a Glamour prism and add the item to your dresser. Click “Yes” and the item will appear in your dresser. From there you can right click any item to “Apply Glamour”, “Restore Item” to its original form, or “Try On”. If you click “Try On” the “Fitting Room” window will appear.

Here you can view your look, toggle to show or hide gear, and preview dye for items. In order to use the dyes, you’ll want to dye the piece of gear that you want your new gear to look like. For example, if you want your Valor Cuisses to look like Dragoon Blue Goatskin Breeches, you’ll need to dye the Goatskin Breeches first. Then cast Glamour on Valor Cuisses and select the newly dyed breeches as the base.

You can dye directly from the dresser by right-clicking an item from the Fitting room and selecting “Enable Dye Preview”. Next, select the dye you want to use and click “Apply”. You can only use dyes that you own, and you can only dye gear if you have completed the Color Your World quest. Also note that your Glamour dresser can store up to 20 different Glamour plates. These Glamour plates can only be “use” or cast when your character is in a city.

FFXIV Glamour dyes
Dying gear can be a lot of fun. Just make sure you have the correct dyes. These dyes are consumed upon usage. For example if you want all pink gear, then you’ll need to make sure you have enough pink dyes for all your gear. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Parade your look

Fashion has often been a big part of gaming, and in particular FFXIV. If you want to show off your look, post it on the FFXIV Eorzea Collection website. You can get lots of ideas and inspiration from this site. There are often in-game fashion and catwalk events in Final Fantasy XIV. Keep and eye out for the next in-game event if you want to strut your stuff.

FFXIV Fashion parade.
Some events in FFXIV allow you to parade your look (Screenshot by Upcomer).

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