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Sacred Tears are a rare item in Elden Ring that look like little golden goblets. They’re essential in making sure you have a chance in winning some of the game’s nastier boss fights.

One of the best builds in Elden Ring is the tank and you need plenty of health to make that build viable. Sacred Tears help you increase how much health your flasks will refill when you use them mid-battle.

Sacred Tears can be found across the map at various Churches of Marika. They are always right in front of the main statue in a small bowl. Continue reading below to learn a few locations where you can find Sacred Tears.

Elden Ring Sacred Tears
Sacred Tears at the foot of a statue in Elden Ring. | Provided by Bandai Namco

Sacred Tears make the drinks go down easier

Once you have Sacred Tears, head to a Site of Grace in order to make use of them. There is one at each church so you won’t have to go far. Open up the menu and select “Flasks.”

Once there you can use the Sacred Tears to “Increase the amount [of HP and FP] replenished by Flasks.”

Sacred Tears Elden Ring
One Sacred Tear location on the souther half of the map. | Provided by Bandai Namco

Now, when you’re in the middle of battle, the flasks will restore more health without taking longer to use. Flasks can also have their number of charges available for each Flask. You’ll need a Golden Seed in order to gain more charges.

You can allocate the number of charges to various flasks, including health and focus points. These allocations can be changed at any time at a Site of Grace.

Sacred Tears do not increase your overall health. You’ll need to collect enough runes in order to level up at a Site of Grace to do so. Select the Vigor attribute to increase your max HP bar when leveling up. You’ll see the stat increase highlighted in blue on the right hand side of the screen.

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