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There’s a brand new set of Punchcard quests in Fortnite Season 8 and they’re coming from Nitehare and Raven. The two new NPCs, like all of the others before them, carry five weekly Punchcard quests that players can complete for Battle Pass XP. One of the quests from Nitehare requires players to use an Alien Jump Pad at an Alien Crash Site.

There are a couple of questions that players might have when they see this Punchcard quest. The first is regarding what an Alien Jump Pad is and the other is about where the Alien Crash Sites are. Both of these questions are answered below, where players can see exactly how to complete this Nitehare Punchcard quest in Fortnite Season 8.

Using an Alien Jump Pad in Fortnite

Alien Jump Pads are scattered around at each and every Alien Crash Site located on the Season 8 island. The Jump Pads are leftover from the Season 7 alien mothership, which Doctor Slone brought down with the help of the IO.

Now players can find all sorts of debris at Alien Crash Sites, including the Jump Pads. For Nitehare’s Punchcard quest, players must find one of these pads at a crash site. Below, players can see all of the Alien Crash Sites that are on the Season 8 map.

Fortnite Alien Jump Pads at Crash Sites
The location of every Alien Crash Site in Fortnite Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games

As players can see, all of the red/orange spots on the island are considered Alien crash sites. Once players pick one of these locations, they need to look out for a large, silver and purple pad. This is the Alien Jump Pad and players must simply jump on it and bounce backward. This counts as using the Jump Pad and completes this Punchcard quest. Players are awarded 30,000 XP and can then continue on with Nitehare’s questline.