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Zeraora is unlockable in Pokémon UNITE and players can claim the Pokémon by logging into the game before Aug. 31. This means the electric type can only be claimed by Nintendo Switch players for now. But, as the game comes to mobile platforms in Sept., the character should become available there as well. The Speedster Battle Type Pokémon is simple to collect, and it is available as soon as players leave the tutorial and play their first match on Remoat Stadium.

How to unlock Zeraora in Pokémon UNITE

As for all Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE, players must either unlock or purchase the Pokémon’s UNITE license to use them in-game. This is done through in-game currency, Aeos coins. Players can earn these in one of three ways; through playing the game, through it’s purchasable currency Aeos gems, or leveling up Trainer level in-game. For Zeraora, players will not need either.

To claim Zeraora’s UNITE license, player must navigate to their mail in the main menu. This is done by pressing X and scrolling down to the mail menu.

The Pokémon UNITE menu screen to navigate towards Mail.
The Pokémon UNITE menu screen to navigate towards Mail. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

The Pokemon’s UNITE license is in the message called Launch Bonus. Players can claim Zeraora in the message and they should own the Speedster.

The Pokémon UNITE Mail screen
The Pokémon UNITE Mail screen. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

Zeraora’s moves

The Speedster is defined as a difficult to master character, according to the game. As a Speedster in Pokémon UNITE, Zeraora moves quick and can dole out massive melee damage if needed. His passive ability gives it an electric charge when receiving damage and converts that damage into Attack stats. His basic attack becomes enhanced every third attack, dealing increased damage and paralyzing opponents. It also restores Zeraora’s health.

For his first move slot, it starts out with Agility; which can upgrade to Volt Switch or Spark as Zeraora levels up in a match. Each move in its first slot is a dash. In its second slot, Zeraora has Slash, which is then upgraded to either Discharge or Wild Charge.

Its UNITE move is Plasma Gale, which hits any targeted Pokemon and knocks them up. The move also creates a plasma area that strengthens Zeraora’s basic attacks while within the area.