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The weapon camos in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have been one of the most well-received aspects of multiplayer. So far, players have been enjoying the new camo challenge system and the camos themselves. There are over 180 skins to unlock across the weapon categories, most of them unique from the last one. While everyone is grinding for the four Mastery Camos, there are some regular skins that have caught the eyes of players. Most notably, the Spectrum camo has been identified as being one of the best in Modern Warfare 2.

For newer players of the Call of Duty series, you might not recognize this particular camo (which is located in the “Classic” section of the camos). Veterans will immediately know what this camo is, though. Spectrum is described and known as Rainbow Tiger, but it was first introduced to the COD series in Ghosts. It was called Spectrum and had the same design as it does in MW2; the gun is emblazoned with rainbow tiger stripes.

As soon as this camo was seen in COD Ghosts, it was a fan-favorite skin. Players rocked this camo on their Honeybadger and Vector from the day it was released until the end of the game’s life cycle. It was a DLC camo in Ghosts, but it was only available on the Xbox 360, meaning PC and PlayStation players never got to equip it. That has changed with Modern Warfare 2. Here’s a full guide on how to unlock this classic camo.

Unlocking Spectrum camo in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the Spectrum camo, you must be using the Signal 50 sniper rifle. The camo is only available through this weapon. Once players start using the Signal 50, they will need to rank it up to level 23, at which point they will unlock the camo challenge for the Spectrum camo.

This challenge requires players to get 25 one-shot kills using the Signal 50. Once that is complete, players will unlock the Spectrum camo for the Signal 50, but also for every gun in Modern Warfare 2. This is how the camo system works in MW2; every base camo is universally shared across weapon classes once unlocked.

To get 25 one-shot kills, players can use our recommended loadout for the Signal 50. From there, hop into a public match and get to work. As long as you kill them with one shot, the kill will count towards the challenge. Players could also try hopping into Ground War, as that’s a much easier game mode to use snipers.

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