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In Nightingale, you can find yourself mining stone, chopping wood, or fighting off predators and monsters in one of the many realms you can travel to. Sometimes though, you need to make some new clothes, so here’s how you can make a Simple Sewing Machine in Nightingale.

As you make your way through the realms of Nightingale, you’ll end up exploring new worlds, squaring off with monsters, and just generally finding yourself on amazing adventures. And sometimes, you’ll need to sew some new clothes for yourself. That’s life.

If you’re trying to do that, you’ll need a Simple Sewing Machine. Here’s how you can get your hands on one.

How to unlock the Simple Sewing Machine

So far, the only way I’ve found to acquire a Simple Sewing Machine is to buy one from an Essence Trader. This will cost you Essence, but you’ll be able to turn items in your inventory into Essence to buy one. The Simple Sewing Machine will cost 55 Essence.

You can find your nearest Essence Trader marked on the map with a blue icon.

It’ll cost you 55 Essence to get your hands on one. Screenshot via Upcomer

The Simple Sewing Machine can be found in the “Crafting: Basics and Repair” section of the Trader’s item list, alongside the Tanning Station and Workbench. The item’s description says you can build one “to craft wearable clothing,” and that the “higher the bench quality, the more augmentations you can apply.”

What you need to build a Simple Sewing Machine

To build a Simple Sewing Machine, you need 10 Wood Bundles, 15 Fibers, and one bone. Simply head back to your base, place it down, and you’ll be able to craft new clothes for your character.

If you don’t want to get involved in this, you can also buy clothes from traders, spending your Essence instead of your time.

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