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There are more superhero skins in Fortnite, but this time they originate from the water. Last season, fans were treated to a Deadpool skin, which went over extremely well. In Season 3, Epic Games has brought Aquaman and his human form, Arthur Curry, into Fortnite. Both skins look fantastic and match the aquatic theme of Season 3 perfectly. However, knowing about the skins is only half of the battle. The other half is knowing how to unlock both of the new skins. So, how can you do that in Fortnite Season 3?

Unlocking the Aquaman skin in Fortnite Season 3

Similar to the Deadpool skin in Season 2, you can’t unlock the Aquaman skin right away in Season 3. Instead, you’ll have to complete some challenges in order to earn the skin. Though, Epic Games has improved upon this process from Season 2. Now, you’ll only need to complete five challenges instead of seven.

We only know of week one’s challenge as of right now. The tasks become available in the middle of the week until the fifth week of Season 3. If you manage to complete all of the challenges, the Aquaman skin is yours. The week one challenge is as follows: “Use a Whirlpool at The Fortilla.”

Fortnite Aquaman Season 3
Image via Epic Games

While we don’t know each week’s task, we do know each week’s reward thanks to leaker @iFireMonkey.

What about Arthur Curry?

Also included in this skin set is the human form of Aquaman, Arthur Curry. Like many have guessed, you can’t unlock Arthur Curry without first earning the base Aquaman skin. So, the shirtless skin won’t be unlockable until at least week five.

When that date does come around though, all you need to do is equip the Aquaman skin and go over the waterfall at the Gorgeous Gorge POI. Doing this will unlock the Arthur Curry, completing the skin set.

We’ll be sure to update you with the future challenges and all Fortnite news here at Daily Esports!

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