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Sharen from The First Descendant with her unlock requirements on the research screen.
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How to unlock Sharen in The First Descendant: A step-by-step Guide

Sharen is a very special character in The First Descendant, with her Stealth abilities coming in handy. But to get her, you’ll have to do some farming. But, you probably already knew that. Farming is pretty much the core of The First Descendant’s gameplay once you get a little into the game!

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Let’s take a look at how you can unlock Sharen, step-by-step.

How to unlock Sharen in The First Descendant

To get Sharen, you’ll need four different materials. They’re all pretty straightforward to get, and here they are:

  • Sharen Enhanced Cells
  • Sharen Stabilizer
  • Sharen Spiral Catalyst
  • Sharen Code

I said straightforward, not easy. Gear up for a challenge, and let’s see how we can get each material.

Where to get Sharen Enhanced Cells

A map of Agna Desert with an arrow showing where to get Sharen Enhanced Cells.
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You can get Sharen Enhanced Cells from the mission Seed Vault which is in the Echo Swamp, and in the Abandoned Zone region. While initially challenging, if you’ve progressed to White-night Gulch, you should have an easy time here. It’s still better to bring friends – it doesn’t affect the 20% drop rate.

Where to get Sharen Stabilizer

A map of Agna Desert in The First Descendant with an arrow showing where to get Sharen Stabilizer.
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Sharen Stabilizer can be found in the Echo Swamp as well, in a mission called The Chapel in the Derelict Covert. Another mission where it’s just better to bring friends. You’ll begin to nice a theme here — all of these mission are boss missions from the campaign.

Where to get Sharen Spiral Catalyst

A map of Agna Desert with an arrow showing where to get Sharen Spiral Catalyst in The First Descendant.
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The penultimate piece to unlocking Sharen can be found in The Asylum mission, which you can start from the Vermilion Waste in the Agna Desert. As with all of these drops, you’ll have a 20% chance, but you can still manage this mission quite easily by matchmaking.

Where to get Sharen Code

A map of Agna Desert showing where to get Sharen Code in The First Descendant.
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This is by far the toughest of the challenges to unlocking Sharen. To get the final piece, Sharen Code, you’ll need to go to the Caligo Ossuary mission in The Mining Site section of Agna Desert. This boss uses powerful toxic attacks that can quickly wipe a team, so bring toxic resistant modules along. It might take a few tries, but you’ll get there.

How long does it take to unlock Sharen?

Sharen's research progress screen showing  that it takes 16 hours to unlock her.
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Sharen takes 16 hours to unlock, and you’ll also need 400,000 gold to start the process. Gathering all the materials is entirely up to RNG. If the RNG gods smile upon you, you could unlock Sharen in a couple of hours.

Be warned though, some of these missions are quite tough and might require additional tries. Come prepared.

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