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Operators have been a part of the core Call of Duty experience since 2019, and that hasn’t changed with Modern Warfare 2.

Players once again can choose to go into battle with their favorite operator, depending on which faction they’re on in that particular match. There are two factions of operators in MW2, with over 20 characters spread across the two sides. However, players will notice that a majority of the operators are locked for them in multiplayer when they first log in to MW2.

This is because most of the operators require a special unlock process that’s specific to them. Once players complete that unlock process, they will unlock that specific operator and get to use them in multiplayer and eventually Warzone 2.

Unlock operators in Modern Warfare 2

Provided by Activision

This guide will only go over the unlock requirements for the base operators in MW2. It will not cover how to get any post-launch operators, such as the football trio of Messi, Neymar, and Pogba. We covered those specific characters in a separate guide.

We’ll also preface this by saying that five operators cannot be unlocked via in-game challenges like the rest. Oni is a PlayStation exclusive operator while the quartet of Farah, Ghost, Price, and Soap are bonuses for purchasing the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2. So if you don’t meet those requirements, then you can’t unlock those operators.

If you’re just looking for the base operators, however, you can check out the requirements for those characters below:

  • Chuy: Complete campaign mission 6
  • Nova: Complete campaign mission 10
  • Reyes: Complete campaign mission 14
  • Hutch: Complete campaign mission 17
  • König: Execute a finishing move
  • Kleo: Get a kill with lethal equipment
  • Roze: Get a point blank kill
  • Calisto: Get five headshot kills in a single match
  • Zimo: Get a kill with a secondary weapon in a match
  • Gromsko: Complete the Low Profile Spec Ops mission
  • Luna: Complete the Defender: Mt. Zaya Spec Ops mission
  • Zero: Complete the Denied Arena Spec Ops mission
  • Aksel: Get five hipfire kills in a single match
  • Conor: Get five hipfire kills in a single match
  • Fender: Get two kills with a launcher in a match
  • Gus: Get five assists in a match
  • Horangi: Get five Kingslayer kills in a match
  • Stiletto: Get two revenge kills in a match

As players can see, they’ll need to play all of Modern Warfare 2’s modes to unlock every single operator in the game. This includes the Campaign and Spec-Ops as well as the base multiplayer. Keep in mind that additional operators will also come to the game with future updates, like the Season 1 content drop that’s coming on Nov. 16. For now, though, this is what we have access to in MW2.

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