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The open world of Elden Ring is one of the best experiences a player can have in modern video games. From the plentiful dungeons scattered around the Lands Between to the numerous enemy types waiting around every corner, there’s nothing like exploring the world that FromSoftware has crafted. However, sometimes you don’t want to travel on foot or by horse to your next location. For this reason, there’s an option to unlock fast travel in Elden Ring fairly early on.

The map of Elden Ring is large and unforgiving. If you’re someone who has been having a hard time dealing with enemies in between locations, you might want to fast travel and skip the hassle altogether. Or you could be pressed for time and just need to get to the next location quickly. Either way, you have the option to fast travel just about any time you’d like to in Elden Ring.

Fast traveling in Elden Ring

The fast travel system is like most other open world video games on the market. Once the game opens up and you step out into the Lands Between for the first time, you will see your first Site of Grace. These are little flames in the ground that you can discover and rest at to replenish health, flasks and level up your character, among other things.

The sites are also your fast travel points. Once you’ve discovered a Site of Grace, you will be able to fast travel to it any time you’d like. The only exception is you can’t fast travel while inside of a dungeon. You would need to exit the dungeon to fast travel. This applies even if you’re at the Site of Grace inside of the dungeon.

Elden Ring fast travel map
The option to fast travel is available at any discovered Site of Grace. | Provided by FromSoftware

To fast travel to a Site of Grace, open up your map (“G” on keyboard by default). Once the map is open, hover over any Site of Grace you’ve visited and look at the bottom of the screen. The first option available will be to “travel,” so just hit that keybind and you’ll instantly travel to that Site of Grace.

The FromSoftware developers have mentioned they don’t want players abusing the fast travel system too much, but rather they could explore the world as much as possible. However, fast traveling is still an option in your back pocket should you ever need it.

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