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How to unlock Arcanist class in Elder Scrolls Online and get more characters

Arcanist Class arrives with the new Necrom Chapter releasing this year

A new class is coming to Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) this year. The powerful and deadly new Arcanist class is ESO’s seventh class. With abilities and mechanics taken straight from Hermaeus Mora’s realm of Oblivion, you’ll feel like a magical wielding superpower. Here’s now to unlock the new class, along with new class companions, and more characters.

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How to unlock Arcanist class

The new class doesn’t just come with a whole new type of character, it also comes with a new mechanic. Crux is a combat mechanic which generates as players activate Arcanist class abilities. The more Crux, the more powerful your abilities. This will enable players to develop a style of game play which suits their strategy.

Along with this mechanic come three new skill lines. These suit various player types from offensive, to support, and defense; destructive, restorative, or defensive magic. This new class should suit players of all roles including DPS, support, and tank. As with many previous skill lines, there’s a mix of active, passive, and ultimate abilities.

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So how does one get this new class? The Arcanist class will arrive with the new Necrom expansion pack on June 5 for PC players. Console players will have access to the new expansion on June 20. Players will need to purchase the Necrom expansion in order to unlock the new class. Once you have the expansion pack, you’ll find the new class available to purchase at the in-game Crown Store. The class is available under “Upgrades” then “Class.”

Each new class will cost you 1,500 Crowns. Once you’ve purchased the upgrade, you’ll be able to create a new Arcanist class character. If you’re running out of character slots for your new class, read on below to find out how to unlock more characters.

Players aren’t the only ones being treated to the new Arcanist class. With the new Necrom expansion pack, gamers can unlock two new companions. These are the Arcanist Redguard and Warden Argonian Companions. Add these characters as your companion to utilize their abilities.

Shadow Over Morrowind

The new Necrom expansion pack is part of the Elder Scrolls Online Shadow of Morrowind story. The past four years have featured “year long events”, where a DLC was launched to introduce players to the story, then an expansion, and a final DLC will tie up the story by the end of the year. Shadow of Morrowind is similar, however it is designed to be played with just one DLC and expansion.

According to the Studio Director’s Letter, the second half of this year will feature quality of life improvements, before a “return to expansive story arcs that unfold over multiple chapters”. Thus Shadow of Morrowind will only cover one DLC to introduce the story, and the narrative will wrap up with Necrom in June.

If you can’t wait to get started, then you need not wait! You can play the first part of the Shadow Over Morrowind story with the new Scribes of Fate DLC which arrived just this week on PC. Unlock the DLC if you have an ESO Plus™ membership, or purchase it from the in-game Crown Store. Console players will need to wait until March 28 to access the DLC. This latest game pack comes with two new dungeons which will kick start the year long storyline.

How to get more characters

Okay so the new Arcanist Class is coming, and you already have filled up your eight character slots on Elder Scrolls Online. How are you going to fit another character in? You could always delete a character, but this is certainly not ideal. The best thing to do is purchase more characters from the in-game Crown store.

Each additional character slot will cost you 1,500 Crowns. you’ll find the “Additional Character Slot” in the Crown Store under “Upgrades,” then “Character Slots.”

If you own the base game, you can buy up to nine additional characters. If you have the Elsweyr expansion, you can purchase ten slots. This gives you a total of 18 character slots which should be plenty enough for all kinds of character classes and builds.

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