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After being in Fortnite since the beginning of Season 8, Dark Jonesy finally has his own set of Punchcard quests. Players can complete the set for some much-needed Battle Pass XP and start getting closer to the final tiers. However, in order to complete the entire quest list, players will need to get past some difficult challenges, like returning the Spirit Vessel. One of the less difficult tasks for Dark Jonesy requires players to touch a cube.

The cubes are back in Fortnite Season 8 after Kevin the Cube last made his appearance in Chapter 1. This season sees them in a whole new light, though, as they’re in an alternate dimension known as The Sideways, which is ruled by the Cube Queen and enforced by the Cube Assassin. While the process of touching a cube might be simple enough, players still need to follow some steps to do so.

Touching a cube in Fortnite

For this challenge, players can land at the newest Fortnite POI known as The Convergence. This is located directly in the middle of the map at the purple aftermath. Players can land inside of it from the Battle Bus to expedite the completion of this challenge.

There are two directions that players can go from here. First, they can land on top of the Gold Cube, which is protruding outside of the POI. This will complete the Punchcard quest with ease but isn’t too challenging. For players already on the ground, they can go further into The Convergence and find a plethora of smaller cubes that they can simply jump on top of. This will also complete the quest for Dark Jonesy.

Once players have touched a cube in Fortnite, they’ll earn 30,000 XP for their Battle Pass and can move on to the next quest in Dark Jonesy’s line.