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One of the new features in Fortnite Season 6 is the ability to tame certain animals scattered across the island. While taming an animal doesn’t offer a significant bonus, players are still craving a furry sidekick by their side.

Currently, players can tame three animals in Season 6:wolves, boars and chickens. There’s a fourth animal in the game, Frogs, but those can’t be tamed at the moment. For the other three though, taming is a relatively simple process.

Taming Wolves in Fortnite

To start, taming wolves is the biggest draw of the new feature. Wolves are great companions, and games like Valheim have already offered players the ability to tame them. Players seem naturally drawn to the fearsome creatures first.

Fortnite tame wolves
Image via Epic Games

Taming a wolf is an easy process. First, players need to get one wolf alone. To do this, killing other wolves is necessary, as their meat is needed to distract the remaining, lone wolf. Toss the meat, sneak up behind it and hold the “Tame” keybind that will pop up on the screen. If the wolf has three hearts around it, it’s fully tamed.

Taming Boars in Fortnite

Next up are the second most dangerous creatures. The process to tame a boar is nearly the same as the wolf, but this time players will need fruit or vegetables from a farm.

Image via DudeNotSoHD

Once fruits or veggies are in your inventory, slowly approach a boar. It’s important not to let the boar hear or see anything suspicious, so stay crouched and silent. After the boar is within a close range, throw the food out and then follow the same process required to tame the wolf. Walk up to it, hold the Tame option and now it’s yours!

Taming Chickens in Fortnite

Finally, the easiest animal to tame in Fortnite is the chicken. The only thing players need to do with the chicken is to pick one up. They’re found in the wild areas, like the other two animals, and once players have chased it down, they can just add it to their inventory.

Fortnite animals
Image via Epic Games

One interesting feature of the chicken is that when its in hand, players can jump and then fly. Of course, the flying isn’t anything extraordinary, but it’s a neat bonus for an otherwise useless partner.

If players want to make the taming process even easier, they can also craft the Hunter’s Cloak. This item, when worn, allows players to be undetectable by animals and makes taming a simple process of holding the Tame keybind when near a wolf or boar.