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The v16.20 update in Fortnite Season 6 released a new set of Raz’s Spire Quest challenges for players to complete. While the first part of the quest — playing a message at Guardian Towers — was simple enough, the second part is much more involved. Players need to “Talk to the Joneses” across the island and then challenge one of the NPCs to a duel.

Players must talk to five out of the nine total Joneses on the Season 6 map. All are fairly well spread out, so this task cannot be completed in one match. Though it may take some time, completing the Spire Quests offers a huge amount of XP. This makes them a worthwhile endeavor.

Talk to the Joneses in Fortnite

The first step of this quest is to talk to five Joneses on the map. There are nine in total on the island. However, there are routes that players can take to make this as efficient a process as possible. Below, the location of each Jonesy is viewable.

Fortnite Season 6 Joneses locations
The red rectangles are the locations of each Jonesy. Image via Epic Games

The goal is to talk to five Joneses. So, in order to do this as quickly as possible, it’s recommended to stick to the top left of the map. In a single Team Rumble match, players should be able to visit 3 to 4 Joneses in this section. In the next match, players can simply talk to however many are needed to reach a total of five. But, it’s worth noting that the Jonesy in Pleasant Park is not an option during this portion of the quest.

After visiting five Joneses, this part of this quest is complete and the second part is now available.

Dueling Jonesy in Fortnite

Once players have talked to all five Joneses, they need to find Jonesy the First in Pleasant Park. He’s located in the northeast corner near a house. When players talk to him, they’ll be offered a duel (which isn’t too difficult). Still, players will want to make sure they’re equipped with solid weapons and enough ammo. Jonesy the First comes with a large amount of shield, so it’ll take some time to defeat him.

Also, there will be a plethora of other Fortnite players landing at Pleasant Park to loot or complete the same quest. It might take a couple of matches to successfully win the duel. However, once it’s done, this week’s Spire Quest is complete.

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