How to stay warm in Palworld
How to stay warm in Palworld
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How to stay warm in Palworld

Don't let the cold get to you

From your opening minutes on your island in Palworld, you’ll have a series of tutorial objectives you need to complete. While these are important tasks, there are other pressing matters you need to attend to before you can complete them. One of those tasks is to find a way to stay warm in Palworld, as your first night on the island will be cold.

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When you first spawn in, you’re wearing nothing but a small covering over your midsection. That will not protect you from the elements when the sun falls and the moon rises. Even though it might not seem too cold, the temperature drops at night, and without proper protection, your character will start to freeze.

To find out how you can avoid freezing and stay warm in Palworld, check out the guide below.

Stay warm in Palworld

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There are a couple of ways to keep yourself warm in Palworld, but the easiest way is to craft a Cloth Outfit. This is the most basic of armor you can craft and it’s available right from the start of the game. All you need to do is craft a Primitive Workbench, reach level 4, unlock the Cloth Outfit from the Technology section, and then use a basic resource to craft the armor at the workbench. You only need two Cloth to make the outfit, which is made from Wool.

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You are able to find Wool by killing certain kinds of Pals, namely Lamball, Cremis, and Melpaca. With you Wool, go to a workbench, craft the Cloth, and then craft the Cloth Outfit. Make sure you equip the Cloth Outfit from your inventory, and voila, you will no longer suffer from any freezing temperatures again.

However, if you’re not level 4 yet, the next easiest way to stay warm is to build a Campfire and stand next to it. This is a short-term solution to the problem, but as long as you’re near a Campfire, you won’t suffer from the cold.

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Another easy fix outside of the Cloth Outfit is to build a bed under a wood roof once you have a base established using a Palbox. You can use the bed to go to sleep at night and avoid the cold that way.

There are more and more outfits you can unlock as you progress in Palworld, a couple of which are purposely designed to protect you from the cold, but those don’t unlock until much later.

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