How to solve the Herodiana Puzzle Room 3 in Hogwarts Legacy
Herodiana Puzzle Room 3 Hogwarts Legacy
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How to solve the Herodiana Puzzle Room 3 in Hogwarts Legacy

Make the Repulso master proud

One of the more challenging side quests in Hogwarts Legacy is The Hall of Herodiana, which is given to you by a third-year Ravenclaw by the name of Sophronia. The Ravenclaw tells you that Herodiana was a Repulso master and that she has a chamber somewhere in the castle. However, the chamber requires Repulso to open, and third-years are not taught that spell. So, you’re given the task of heading into the chamber and discovering the secrets of Herodiana for yourself.

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Inside the chamber of Herodiana, you will find three different puzzle rooms, each one more challenging than the last. The rooms are simple in practice, as you just need to use Repulso and Accio to move some large blocks from one end of the room to the other. However, the third puzzle room is where Herodiana really stepped up her game in Hogwarts Legacy. Many players have found themselves stuck on this room, but, luckily, we’re here to help.

Below, you can see a step-by-step process of how to complete Herodiana’s Puzzle Room 3 in Hogwarts Legacy.

Solve the Herodiana Puzzle Room 3 in Hogwarts Legacy

We will be showing images of where you need to be positioned and describing what spell you need to use to fully solve this puzzle below. The image associated with each bullet point’s description will be directly below it.

  • Standing across from the blocks’ starting position, use Accio to bring them forward to the wall.

Herodiana room 3 Hogwarts Legacy

  • In your same position, cast Repulso to send the blocks to the block with the cube on it.

Herodiana room 3 Hogwarts Legacy

  • Hop on the non-moveable blocks to your left and go to the one farthest away. Face the magical blocks and then cast Accio. We recommend using your focused vision to cast these spells (L2/LT on controller, right-mouse on KB+M).

Herodiana room 3 Hogwarts Legacy

  • The blocks will now be in between the block you’re on and the two in the middle of the wall. Step onto the magical blocks and then step onto the two blocks on the wall.

Herodiana room 3 Hogwarts Legacy

  • In this position, cast a basic attack spell on the cube on the other side of the room. This will reset the blocks. Do not move from your current position.

  • With the blocks reset, face them and then cast Accio to bring them to the other side of the room.

  • Turn and face the blocks, which should be directly underneath the exit. Cast Accio again to bring them to your side of the wall.

  • Now, you can hop onto the magical blocks, and then climb up to the exit.

And that will complete the Puzzle Room 3 for The Hall of Herodiana in Hogwarts Legacy. You can grab the chest past the gate and return to Sophronia with the good news. As you continue to explore Hogwarts, you will stumble upon even more puzzles that require the use of Depulso and other movement spells. However, this is the first of these puzzles that you can encounter in Hogwarts Legacy.


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