How to save the game in Elden Ring
Elden Ring save the game
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How to save the game in Elden Ring

A vital part of Elden Ring
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In any FromSoftware title, the most important feature that players have at their disposal is, arguably, the ability to save the game. This can allow players to take a break in the treacherous world before them or make sure their currency on hand makes it safely to a save point. With Elden Ring, the save feature is back and works similarly to how it does in other FromSoft games.

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For players who partook in the network test for Elden Ring, this feature will already be engrained knowledge. However, for those that didn’t or are new to FromSoft games, the process will be slightly confusing. If you fall into this crowd, don’t worry. All of the information you need is viewable below.

Saving the game in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, like a plethora of modern games, utilizes an auto-save feature, first and foremost. If you look at the top-right of your screen from time to time, you will see a faint, blinking Elden Ring logo appear. If you see this, the game is auto-saving your progress. So, if you consume an item or perform an action, the game will auto-save, which makes it so you don’t have to repeat actions if you end up dying.

Alternatively, you can also save the game yourself at Sites of Grace. These act as the bonfires from the Dark Souls series and allow you to physically save your point in the game. Once you discover a Site of Grace, you can rest at it and quit the game. When you return, you’ll be waiting at the same location.

Elden Ring Site of Grace save point
The Site of Grace explainer in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

If you’re in area of Elden Ring without a Site of Grace but you need to save, you can open up the map and fast travel to a nearby site. Then, rest at it and your progress will be saved.

You always want to make sure you’re keeping track of your last save in Elden Ring. If you perish randomly, at least you would know where you’ll respawn so that you can go back and retrieve your lost Runes.

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