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Dark Jonesy finally has his own set of Punchcard quests in Fortnite Season 8. However, players were somewhat surprised to see how difficult some of his quests are. One of the main challenging tasks requires players to return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his Vision.

This is a multi-step Punchcard quest, as players would have already found the Spirit Vessel through a previous quest in the set. That quest required players to use a Shadow Stone and recover the Spirit Vessel. Now, in the fifth and final quest of the set, players need to return the Spirit Vessel to its owner and hear his Vision in Fortnite.

Returning the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle in Fortnite

Despite the title of the quest sounding convoluted, the task involved is relatively simple. Players don’t need to go out and retrieve the Spirit Vessel again, as it already lies in their inventory. Now, with it in hand, they can simply travel to the Oracle and wait to hear what they have to say.

To start this process, players can visit the northeastern location of Steamy Stacks. Some players might have already guessed where this was going but, essentially, Dark Jonesy is the Oracle. Players are simply returning him the Spirit Vessel at his original location. Doing this will not only complete the Punchcard questline for the NPC but also allow players to hear some dialogue concerning his Vision.

The Vision is a prediction for the future that could spell disaster for the world of Fortnite. Dark Jonesy tells players that two paths are ahead of them; one involving decimation and the other involving sacrifice and loss. It’s unclear what this means for Fortnite but, players will have completed Dark Jonesy’s Punchcard questline.