How to register for Evo 2022
Evo 2022 register registration

How to register for Evo 2022

Registration for the world's biggest fighting game tournament ends Friday night

The Evolution Championship Series 2022 is right around the corner, which means that registration is just about to close up. For players who want to attend but need to know how and when the deadline is, here is a quick run-through of what Evo 2022 is, where it’s at and how to register for Evo 2022 before registration closes Friday at 11:59 PT. The event is scheduled for Aug. 5-7.

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What is Evo 2022?

Evo 2022 is the world’s biggest fighting game tournament. With thousands of entries per year, Evo attracts the best players from the best fighting games on the planet to decide the “world champion” in each title.

This year there are nine games represented which include Guilty Gear -Strive-, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11 and more. The event is in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This year, the tournaments will take place the weekend of Aug. 5, with the events running three days from that Friday to Sunday. Sunday consists of the top-eight finals at the Michelob ULTRA Arena for the four most-entered games.

How to register

To register for Evo 2022, simply head over to the Evo 2022 registration page on There, players and spectators can grab an event pass as well as register for individual games. Since it’s late into the registration process, an event pass will run players $125 with a $4 processing fee. The pass grants access to all days of competition at the Mandalay Bay Convention center but not to the Arena Finals on Sunday. For tickets to that event, players will have to go to a separate website to purchase those tickets. General admission to the Arena Finals will run another $110 after fees.

As for how to register for individual games at Evo 2022, the entrance fee for the events is $10 per game, and players can enter multiple games as long as schedules do not conflict. Evo has also partnered with multiple hotels to grant players discounted rates on hotel rooms for the event.

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