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Like previous games in the franchise, Diablo 4 provides players plenty of skill tries and classes to try out. However, if you want to start fresh or change which skill points go into what, here is a quick guide on how to refund and respec skill points in Diablo 4.

How to refund skills and respec in Diablo 4

Out of all the methods to refund or reset your skills in Diablo 4, the easiest one is at the bottom of the skill tree screen. Simply click the “Refund All” button to reset all your skill points and player ranks.

Diablo 4 refund all
The Refund All button in Diablo 4. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

If you make a mistake and only wish to refund a specific skill, there is an option to do that as well. However, there is a Gold cost attached to it. It depends on your level, and the only knowledge so far is from the beta, so it is prone to change before the main game’s release.

As of right now, up until level 7, any refunds are free. After that, the gold exponentially increases, starting at 1 gold per skill to over 200 gold per skill or rank at level 25.

Since level 25 is the cap for the Diablo 4 beta, we don’t know how expensive it will be to refund specific skills at later levels.

Make sure to follow the prerequisites for individual resets

One key thing to keep in mind if you want to respec individual skill points is that the game will still require you to follow prerequisites the game has. The best example is if a specific skill you wish to reset unlocks something further down the line, you’ll have to reset a majority of that branch in the skill tree.

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