How to recruit Amelia Earhart as a companion in Starfield
How to recruit Amelia Earhart as a companion in Starfield
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How to recruit Amelia Earhart as a companion in Starfield

Amelia Earhart is... alive?

There are plenty of strange sights and characters that you can see in Starfield. However, perhaps the strangest sight is meeting the famed lost pilot, Amelia Earhart. Here on Earth, Earhart tragically passed away during a record flight around the world, her body and plane never found.

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In Starfield, that same story is true but Amelia Earhart appears to be alive and well on a planet in the Charybdis system. More specifically, Earhart is located in a settlement called Crucible, which is home to the side quest Operation Starseed. Upon meeting the famed pilot in Crucible, you are actually given a chance to recruit her as a part of your crew.

Recruiting Amelia Earhart as a companion in Starfield

First and foremost, you will need to get a distress call about a situation happening in the Charybdis system. I got this distress call while jumping from system to system around Charybdis, which is located on the northeastern side of your galaxy map.

Once you receive the distress call, track the quest in the Activities section of your mission log. Upon arriving in the Charybdis system, you can land at Crucible on Charybdis III and meet with the settlers of the town. As you will soon come to learn, though, this is unlike any other town in the galaxy. This begins the Operation Starseed side quest. This quest should be completed by players around levels 25-30, so don’t try to attempt it if you are a lower level.

Operation Starseed in Starfield
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Everyone in Crucible is a clone of someone who lived on Old Earth. You will meet Franklin Roosevelt, Genghis Khan, Wyatt Earp, and yes, Amelia Earhart. You can find Earhart outside of Franklin Roosevelt’s hab after speaking to him for the first time. Earhart will say that she is a clone of the real woman but she still knows her fair share about piloting. During the conversation, Earhart will ask to join your crew, and you can reply by saying “I will do all I can to help you.”

From here, you need to continue on with the Operation Starseed quest. This involves speaking to heads of each Society, which includes Roosevelt, Khan, and Queen Amanirenas. Each Society has a different idea of how to get off Crucible, as they are basically enslaved there by robots who keep cloning them every time they die.

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No matter what side you pick, you need to travel to a place called the Facility, which is supposedly the place where the clones come from. Arriving at the Facility requires you to go through it and collect seven clues, all while you’re fighting off enemies called Maggotmaws. While the majority of these enemies will be around level 30, one or two will be extremely high-level, so be prepared for a fight. Once you’ve collected the evidence, you can return to Crucible, pick the Society you want to side with, and then continue on with the quest.

Be prepared for high-level enemies in the Facility. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The next part of Operation Starseed involves you finding a long-lost ship called the Beagle. Finding the Beagles requires jumping to a couple of different systems, and you might need to upgrade your Grav Drive for that part of the quest. Either way, after finding the Beagle, you will return to the Facility to finish up Operation Starseed.

Once you have taken care of the Facility, you can return to Crucible and speak to Amelia Earhart after completing the quest. She will be able to join your crew as a companion and has a two-star rank in Piloting and Rifle Certification. You can then assign Amelia Earhart to wherever you need her in Starfield.

Amelia Earhart in Starfield
Amelia Earhart in the flesh. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Congratulations, you now have one of the most famous people in history serving under your command.

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