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The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 battle pass features a plethora of content, as always. Like in every other season, the primary goal for players with the battle pass is to reach its end, which is tier 100. This season, the tier 100 skin is called The Ageless, a truly unique skin in Fortnite.

However, up to this point, The Ageless skin was bugged, as players were supposed to receive a specific back bling with the skin. That back bling, called Noble Shroud, still isn’t available in Fortnite for players that have already reached tier 100.

However, the developers at Epic Games have recently shed some light on the matter. They have stated that players who were supposed to have received the Noble Shroud back bling will receive it soon. Read below for the full details on how to receive your copy of the back bling.

Get the Noble Shroud back bling in Fortnite

Fortnite Noble Shroud backbling
Provided by Epic Games

According to the @FortniteStatus Twitter account, the Noble Shroud backbling is coming to tier 100 players in a future update. The developers stated that “players who claimed The Ageless on page 13 [of the Battle Pass] before the release of v23.20 will receive the Noble Shroud back bling in an upcoming update.”

Essentially, all players that reached tier 100 prior to the recent v23.20 update in Fortnite will receive the Noble Shroud back bling in an upcoming update. The cosmetic will presumably be added directly to the players’ cosmetics locker.

All players that reach tier 100 and unlock The Ageless skin will receive the Noble Shroud back bling as normal. They’ll unlock it along with The Ageless like they normally would with any other skin. We don’t know exactly when the Noble Shroud back bling will arrive for players that unlocked it prior to v23.20. The most likely release date would be with the next Fortnite update, v23.30, but there’s no confirmation as to when that will arrive.

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