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VR Motion Sickness

How to prevent motion sickness on PSVR 2

Motion sickness still a part of virtual reality

The PSVR 2 launched in Feb 22 and is already one of the most exciting hardware of the year. With motion sickness still a problem with virtual reality, it’s important to know how you can prevent it on the PSVR 2 while fully immersing yourself in the games you love.

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Here are the tips you need to help reduce motion sickness on the new PSVR 2.

Take breaks in between game sessions

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If you’re new to using a virtual reality headsets, the best advice you can get is to take a break when you start using it. The PSVR 2 is a massive upgrade from the first edition with 120Hz OLED, a new eye tracking system, and a wider field of view. All these features can be a lot to handle while playing a game like Resident Evil, Gran Turismo 7 or Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Short breaks in between playing will help to prevent that nauseous feeling. Also, you can also stop playing when you start feeling early symptoms of motion sickness.

Always turn on Comfort settings

A lot of VR games nowadays have specific comfort settings that players can select to minimize dizziness or nausea. You can narrow your field of view to reduce the things you see at once. You can select snap turns instead of smooth turning. Snap turning means that pushing the stick left or right will snap your view by some number of degrees in that direction.

Meanwhile, smooth turning will smoothly rotate your view left or right depending on how you push the stick. For several people, smooth turning can induce motion sickness and should be changed in games. Also, you can move by teleporting if the game allows it.

Start with less intense games

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For anyone trying the PSVR 2 for the first time or is new to virtual reality, you will need to take things slow. This means starting with less triggering games and finding out what games make you dizzy. While some players may not be impacted playing Gran Turismo 7, the speed and the constant fast movement can cause motion sickness. You can start with a game like Tentacular or Moss Books.

Check your headset and controllers

If you’re constantly getting motion sickness on your PSVR 2 regardless of the game you play, you need to check if the headset or controllers are not out place. The PSVR 2 starts drifting when the lights are fixated at the headsets camera’s, interfering with motion tracking. It can also happen when the room is not well lit or too bright.

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