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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been out for over two weeks, and players are still trying to figure out all of its intricacies. From earning a Nuke killstreak to simply figuring out what the meta is, players will be learning the game for months to come. However, newer players to the battle royale will need even more help upon first booting up the game. Some new players will need assistance trying to play the right game mode. One of the more popular modes for any player to hop into in Warzone 2 is Duos, which is easily accessible from the game’s main menu.

Duos is always going to be one of the most popular game modes in any battle royale title. This game mode pairs two players together in a fight to be the last team standing. Duos are so popular due to the fact that players only need one friend to play it. The alternatives are Squads and Trios, both of which require more than one additional player. There are also Solos, but that can be intimidating for many players, as it’s just you fighting for your life.

If players want to hop into Duos in Warzone 2 but can’t figure out how, check out the guide below.

Playing Duos in Warzone 2

The first step is to simply start up Warzone 2 on your system of choice. Next, you want to select Warzone 2 from the main menu. You can do this by scrolling down on the home screen of COD HQ. Warzone 2 will be next to MW2 and DMZ.

Duos Warzone 2
The selection screen for BR Duos in Warzone 2. | Provided by Activision

Once you’re in Warzone 2, you want to look at the row of boxes on the main lobby screen. These boxes will say different things, like “Battle Royale Quads” or “Unhinged BR Trios.” These are the names of the different game modes you can queue in. The one you’re looking for is simply called “Battle Royale Duos.” With a friend in your party, press that box and you’ll begin the matchmaking process. You can also queue as a solo player and the game will match you with a Duos partner.

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