How to play Renata Bruisers in TFT Set 6.5
Renata Glasc

How to play Renata Bruisers in TFT Set 6.5

An in-depth look at how to play Renata Bruisers like a Master+ ranked player

If you’re looking for a composition to help you climb in Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5 right now, Renata Bruisers is a good bet. Even after a small 12.4B patch hit Renata Glasc pretty hard, this is still a top comp that’s flexible and relatively easy to play.

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Early to mid-game Renata Bruisers

Renata Bruisers
An example of a mid-game Renata Bruisers board. | Provided by LoLCHESS.GG team builder

Your 1.1 carousel item is pretty flexible, but aim to pick up a Tear of the Goddess. The Renata Bruisers comp relies pretty heavily on Blue Buffs for fast casts. Needlessly Large Rod and any tank item are good backup choices.

Part of what makes Renata Bruisers strong is that you can play some powerful bruisers early that will make your late-game pivot nice and easy. Through Stage 1, you should be looking to pick up the early game bruisers: Illaoi, Sejuani, RekSai and even, with a bit of luck, Zac. A 2-Star Illaoi with Bruiser 2 active before the first player combat stage will give you a nice beefy frontline. For backline, you can play just about anything, but preferably a carry that can use items that will later transfer to Renata — especially Blue Buff and Morellonomicon. Some good choices are Lucian, Malzahar and 2-Star Brand.

The mid-game for Renata Bruisers is very simple. In terms of items, keep looking to finish that Blue Buff and Morello. The third Renata item is more flexible. Two good options are Hextech Gunblade and Rabadon’s Deathcap. An early Locket of the Iron Solari on a 2-Star Bruiser like Illaoi will probably be the only frontline item you need until later. Definitely prioritize Renata items when possible. Keep looking to 2-Star your bruisers and your temporary backline carry (a 2-Star Malz or Lucian should be able to keep you healthy until you find your Renata later.)

Final composition and positioning


Renata Bruisers
An example of a Level 8 Renata Bruisers board. | Provided by LoLCHESS.GG team builder

The end-game comp has some room for flexibility, but the basic idea is Silco, Renata and Viktor backline with a whole bunch of bruisers frontline. Ability Power and mana items are high priority. A Blue Buff on Silco and a Spear of Shojin — plus some AP items — on Viktor, alongside your Renata items, will give you all the damage you need. Any frontline items can go on your strong bruisers like Tahm Kench, Vi or even Zac.

Finding a Silco really elevates this comp because it allows you to do the positioning pictured above. Essentially, Silco lets Renata and Viktor cast almost instantly at the start of the fight. For Renata, it lets her apply Morello burn early. For Viktor, it helps give him the faster cast he needs to start dealing damage. The bruisers can simply be plopped in the front row to provide protection for you carries.

If possible, you should aim to try and hit Renata 2-Star at Stage 4.5 or around there. Once you 2-Star all your units — except for the five costs — and find at least one Viktor and Silco, you can decide whether you want to go for Level 9. Going nine is ideal if you’re healthy/rich so you can try and hit the elusive 2-Star Tahm Kench, Silco and Viktor units that will really push this comp over the edge and net you a first place finish.


Augments are pretty flexible for Renata Bruisers. It’s great if you can get a Bruiser Heart or Bruiser Emblem to help you neatly fit six or even eight bruisers into the comp. As usual, healing augments and tank augments are both fine, but usually not top priority in this comp. Any AP augments, like Jeweled Lotus, that can give your Renata, Viktor and Vi more AP damage are also great.

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